About Our Church


We are a church that values and respects different opinions and different understandings of faith. We believe that it is a blessing that our church family includes people with different beliefs about issues of faith, theology, bible interpretation, politics and social issues. We don’t believe that faith is about telling people what to believe, but rather faith is a journey that never ends and we are on it together learning from one another. Our desire is to grow in our relationship with God and with others..

Please feel free to join us for worship. You’re welcome to drop in anytime, to visit occasionally, to participate fully without becoming a member, or to become an official member of our congregation.

Our beginnings are consistent with who we are today. The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has a fascinating history tied to the frontier spirit of Midwestern pioneers. Because of this history, Disciples of Christ churches tend to stress openness, inclusiveness and individual conscience, trusting in members’ personal relationships with God rather than ordaining what all members should believe or how they should behave.

Corydon Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) had a very interesting beginning here in historical Corydon, Indiana. Our church was founded in 1833 by four women . We have a letter written by Elizabeth Spencer, one of the women, in which she talks about leaving the church where she grew up. She said that she met a pastor traveling through the area who introduced her to the idea that she could read the Bible for herself and think about what it meant. She and three other women were baptized by immersion and through much prayer founded Corydon Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Within the first few months, they had 20 members – 18 white women, one white man and one black man, and it has grown from there.


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